Position on Issues

Resort Development

To be brief, to redevelop a commercial property and to sell it as residential is completely wrong and not appropriate for Muskoka's long-term future.

Bala Falls

It's time we held our new Premier accountable to promises made.  We also need to continue to ensure and keep the developer in check making sure minimal disruption to Bala happens.

OPP Billing

We continue to pay too much for OPP in Muskoka Lakes - and we need to respectfully work with all other Muskoka Municipalities to correct this inaccuracy.

Council Composition

This is a delicate issue, but one that needs to be looked at the Township and across the District.  Changes cannot happen for this term of Council but for 2020 anything is possible.

Water Levels

The MNRF continues to ignore Muskoka taxpayers.  Working with our newly elected PC government, hopefully we can affect change that protects our properties.

Increased Taxation

This truly takes a delicate balance of want and need.  Currently taxes are set to double in the next 10 years - something has to be done.

One Muskoka

Many want one Muskoka - not only is this the wrong approach, but it will certainly exaggerate any imbalance between the Muskoka Lakes Tax Base and the rest of Muskoka. 


Webcasting, accessibility to council and meetings as well as more efficient meetings are all issues and need immediate attention.

Township vs. District

We need the district!  Yes we pay more but often we get added services we can't afford ourselves (ie. Port Carling Locks).  Can we do a better job of better distributing some costs - Yes and that will be a mandate for 2018 and beyond.

Affordable Housing

To say that we need to find solutions for people to live affordably in Muskoka is an understatement.

Staff Housing

We need to ensure that not only staff have a place to live, but also and more importantly that they are respectful should they live in communities or with nearby neighbours.

Year-Round Economy

I ran on a platform of Muskoka365 8 years ago and it is still relevant today.  We need to find ways to incentivize business to remain open throughout the winter and continue to promote a year-round economy.

Safe & Quiet Lakes

Keeping our lakes healthy also includes keeping them safe.  Boat operators disrespecting noise, speed and wake issues continue to negatively impact all of Muskoka.